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Sekonic SpectroMeter C-800

Fargespecter, temperatur

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Sekonic SpectroMeter C-800 gir deg oversikt over fargespekteret i lyset. Ved å kunne måle TLCI-2012 verdiene vil det gi deg god kontroll over hvordan fargene blir gjengitt i et video- eller fotokamera som har CMOS-sensor. Videre kan du måle fargetemperatur, LUX, CRI, SSI, TLMF og TM-30-15. Sekonic C-800 måler også fargetemperatur på blitslys.



Sekonic C-800 gir god kontroll for video- og stillsfotografer som bruker naturlig eksisterende lys, LED-lys, HMI-lys, lysstoffrør og andre gasspærer. Videre er dette et verdifullt verktøy for lysdesignere.



Sekonic C-800 SpectroMeter Color Meter

Measures LED, HMI, Fluorescent, Tungsten, Natural Light and Flash, from 380 to 780 nm

Expanded Color Rendering Properties
(CRI, SSI, TLCI, TLMF, TM-30-15)

Extended Color Control Parameters
(Hue/Saturation, CIE 1931 x, y chromaticity coordinate).

Wide measurement range of Color Temperature (1,600 to 40,000K) and illumination
(1 to 200,000lx in ambient light, 20 to 20,500lx in flash light)

User-friendly design: 270 degrees swivel head, dark calibration without a cap, large 4.3” color touch panel LCD and Customize function
Various displays (Text, Spectrum Graph, Spectrum Comparison, CRI, CRI Comparison, SSI, TLCI/TLMF, TM-30-15, Lighting Filter for Rosco© and LEE©, C amera Filter for Kodak Wratten©, LEE© and Fuji©, Multiple Lights Comparison, White Balance Correction)

Measurements of Kelvin (K), Illuminance (lux/fc), LB/CC Filters (for Camera Lens or Lighting Filters), LB/CC Index, CRI (Ra, R1 thru. R15), ?uv, SSI, TLCI, TM-30-15(Rf, Rg), CIE1931(x, y), Hue, Saturation

Up to 99 data measurements can be stored in memory.

C-800 Series Utility offers easy settings in the meter and analysis of memorized data in a computer


The C-800 is the first and only meter to include SSI or Spectral Similarity Index. SSI was developed by the Sci-Tech Council of the Academy and gives the user the ability to set any light as a standard, or use predefined standards (such as CIE D55), and then gives other lights an SSI score based upon how well they will match. Here’s a short description of the importance of SSI from the Oscars website.

The Spectral Similarity Index, or SSI, addresses problems with existing indices, such as CRI, that have become evident with the emergence of solid-state lighting (SSL) sources such as LED’s.
In contrast to the relatively smooth, continuous spectral power distributions of blackbody emission, tungsten incandescence, and daylight (and the ISO standardizations of these sources), many solid-state sources are characterized by peaky, discontinuous, or narrow-band spectral distributions. These spectral distributions can wreak havoc with color rendition (by both film and digital sensors), since film and digital cameras are all expressly designed to work with, and are indeed optimized for, standard tungsten and daylight. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that CRI, for example, is based on human color sensitivity rather than camera sensitivities, and is determined by the rendering of a small number of test colors, which are mostly of low saturation and do not include skin tones. The TLCI measures rendering by an idealized three-chip camera, which does not adequately account for the differing spectral sensitivities of single-chip cinema- or still-camera digital sensors.
For these reasons, SSI is not based on human vision, or any particular real or idealized camera, and does not assume particular spectral sensitivities. Rather, it measures how close a given spectrum is to a specified reference spectrum, such as tungsten or daylight. It is a single value representing the quality of the curve fit to the reference spectrum, and indicates the predictability of color rendering with the given source. SSI is scaled so that a score of 100 indicates a spectral match; high values indicate predictable rendering by most cameras (as well as “quality” of visual appearance). Low values may produce good colors with a particular camera but not with others. SSI is useful for cinematography, television, still photography, and human vision.





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