PolarPro Mavic 2 Pro Cinema Series Gradient ND8-GR, ND16-4, ND32-8 PolarPro Mavic 2 Pro Cinema Series Gradient ND8-GR, ND16-4, ND32-8

PolarPro Mavic 2 Pro Cinema Series

Gradient ND8-GR, ND16-4, ND32-8

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 Gradient Collection for Mavic 2 Pro

  • Precisely engineered for DJI Mavic 2 Pro (only fits Pro) 
  • Gradient Collection: ND8-GR, ND16-4, ND32-8 Mavic 2 filters, stock UV tool
  • Horizon indicators laser etched onto frame to easily align your filters
  • Cinema Series Glass – Low refractive index, color neutrality, perfect target transmission
  • Redesigned magnetic filter case with easier filter access and visibility
  • PolarPro Aircraft Warranty – Guarantees against any damage to the gimbal or camera caused by our filters


The Gradient Collection for Mavic 2 Pro includes ND8/GR, ND16/4, and ND32/8 gradient neutral density filters to cover a wide range of outdoor lighting conditions. Gradient filters have long been a favorite with landscape photographers, helping to balance the exposure between the sky and the ground. However, those more traditional filters are not quite dark enough to get shutter speed to cinematic levels while shooting aerial video.

Designed specifically for aerial use, PolarPro Gradient Collection filters reduce shutter speed and balance exposure above and below the horizon, setting a new gold standard for landscape aerials. Typically, the sky is about 2 to 3 stops brighter than the ground, so if you expose for the sky, you underexpose the ground. Soft-edge gradient filters help balance that exposure, allowing you to pull more information out of your scene. Gradient filter frames are laser-etched with horizon guides to make it quick and easy to line up your shot, while Cinema Series production-grade glass ensures razor sharp content, and 8 layers of optical coatings on each lens side reduce ghosting and flaring.

Choose Cinema Series Gradient Edition filters for perfectly balanced scene exposure on your next landscape shoot. Backed in full confidence by PolarPro’s Aircraft Warranty to work flawlessly with your Mavic 2.


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