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PolarPro ND-Vario 6-9 stops

67mm Peter McKinnon

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Control your shutter speed in ever-changing lighting conditions. The VND Peter McKinnon Edition has laser etched stop indicators which precisely align two fused quartz glass elements to control the amount of light entering your lens. The controlled stop range eliminates cross-polarization and vignetting so your run-and-gun content is produced the way you intend it to be.

  • Available in 2-5 and 6-9 Stop variations
  • Preset stop range eliminates any chance of cross polarization
  • Zero vignetting down to 16mm focal length lenses
  • Pure Fused Quartz ensures superior optical clarity over any glass on the market
  • Includes a DefenderSlim cover which allows for fingerprint-free installation

Featuring an ultra-low refractive index, resolving up to 100mp sensors.

Laser-etched stop values eliminate guessing during run-and-gun shoots.


VND Filter

DefenderSlim™ Filter Cover

Magnetic Hard Case

Soft Case

Custom Print Microfiber Cloth


Filterstørrelse (mm) 67
Hovedkategori Objektivtilbehør
Merker Polarpro
Produktkategori Rundfilter
Produkttype Variable ND-filter

Produsentens varenr67-6/9-VND-ED2