Steiner BluHorizons 8x32 binocular Kompakt tur-kikkert Steiner BluHorizons 8x32 binocular Kompakt tur-kikkert

Steiner BluHorizons 8x32 binocular

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Steiner BluHorizons 8x32 - en perfekt all-rounder mellom kompakte lommekikkerter og full størrelse kikkerter

BluHorizons – binoculars with Autobright technology

The Steiner BluHorizons compact binoculars features Steiners exclusive Autobright Sunlight adaptive lens technology, that automatically adjusts brightness for the best view in any lighting situation.

BluHorzizons binoculars are engineered to gather the right amount of light and reduce glare for optimum viewing. They are the world's first and only binoculars with photochromatic lenses. This means that they automatically adapt to the lighting conditions so that you always have optimum vision, whether the sun is just below the horizon, shining brightly directly overhead or bouncing off water or snow.

There is hardly anything more annoying than being dazzled at the decisive moment when you are looking at the desired subject. The BluHorizons with Autobright now put an end to this annoyance and offers both young and old long-lasting viewing pleasure in every sunshine adventure. Observe the wide world in a relaxed way!

Specially designed for all outdoor adventurers, the BluHorizons binoculars not only fit in almost every pocket, they are also lightweight and extremely rugged.

Available in four models:

NEW! 8x32: The good combination of weight, size and observation comfort make the 8x32 a perfect all-rounder between compact and full-size binoculars.

NEW! 10x42: The 10x magnification provides a high detail recognition and the large 42mm lens diameter ensures a clear view, even under low light conditions.

8x22: At just 300 grams, these compact and lightweight binoculars fit in any pocket and are ready to go when you need them. The ideal companions for travelers with light luggage!

10x26: Weighing only 310 grams the 10x26 binoculars combine a high magnification with good brightness and bring every object directly before your eyes. Simply put, great for outdoor activities such as bird watching or mountain hiking. Both models feature Steiner’s fast close-focus system that allows you to get a sharp vision quickly and easily. Ergonomic eyecups, made of skin-friendly, non-ageing silicone, comfortably protect your eyes from distracting sidelight, glare and wind.

A textured rubber armor on the prism housing provides a secure, non-slip grip. Furthermore, BluHorizons are IPX4 rainproof, protecting the optics from splashing water from any direction. You can trust these binoculars to stand up to any cold or wet condition at a temperature range between -20°C to +70°C.


  • Dimensjoner (DxBxH): 18x127x58 mm
  • Utgangspupill: 4
  • Øyemusling: Tvist-Opp 3 steg
  • Synsområde (vinkel): 6,7 °
  • Synsområde (Synlig): 54°
  • Forstørrelse:  8 x
  • Type prisme: Roof
  • Vanntett: IPX4
  • Vekt: 590 gram
  • Garanti: 10 år
  • Synsfelt (1000m): 118
  • Nærfokus: 2 m
  • Objektivdiameter (mm): 32



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