Tokina Cinema ATX 11-20mm T2.9

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The  Tokina Cinema ATX 11-20mm T2.9 Wide-Angle Zoom Lens (PL Mount) features a super-wide field of view and cine-style design elements. It covers Super 35mm image sensors and is a parfocal lens, holding focus throughout zoom moves. The Cinema ATX 11-20mm maintains a constant T2.9 aperture throughout its zoom range, eliminating the need for exposure compensation as you zoom in. Its durable metal housing withstands the rigors of cine production and incorporates 0.8 Mod lens gears for compatibility with FIZ (focus/iris/zoom) control systems.

Interchangeable EF, LPL, MFT, Nikon F, and Sony E lens mounts are available separately for swapping with the PL mount, expanding the lens's compatibility with additional cameras. The Tokina Cinema ATX 11-20mm incorporates low-distortion glass, and its 9-bladed iris produces attractive bokeh in out-of-focus areas. Focus (feet), iris, and zoom settings are marked on both sides of the lens barrel.

Additional cine features include a minimum focus distance of 12", 300° of focus rotation, and an industry-standard 95mm front diameter compatible with most pro-style matte boxes. An 86mm front thread provides a second filtration option especially useful for low-profile or lightweight rig configurations.




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Merker Tokina
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Objektivtype Cine
Produktkategori Cine
Produkttype PL-Mount Zoom

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